Guess what. I perform sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre on the Maude Team, Lake Fire—and for two years before with Choir. I've been creating and performing original characters ever since performing my very first one before an audience (my 6th grade class)—his name was Edward Lookaround, and the unusual thing about him was that he looked around a lot! You can catch me performing equally complex characters, sketches, and improv with my all-star indie team Miles From Pete all over New York City—or with the cast of Blank! The Musical! weekly as we create an improvised, 75-minute musical! You can also see me on big and small screens in viral sketches, Cannes Film Festival short film Leah's One Step Guide To Forget Emily, blockbuster hit The Conjuring, and other important things. Or maybe you saw me Off-Broadway in Theatre Row's improv-heavy, musical adaptation of Molière's Scapin? No? OK!

I received my improv and sketch comedy education at The UCB Theatre, The Annoyance, and Reckless Theatre.  I also received extensive training in Commedia Dell'Arte—considered by many to be the fountainhead of improv & sketch comedy—from the Accadamia Dell'Arte in Tuscany. I have a BA in Drama from Davidson College, where reading Death of a Salesman too many times is largely to thank for my tendency to play ineffective businessmen as often as possible in my comedy.